The Hunslet "War Office" Type Locos

How you can help

As with any restoration a critical factor is funding. WOLS made a decision early on to keep the loco intact and on public display rather than hidden away in bits. An aim we have achieved, as well as carrying out important work to conserve the locomotive it has always been secure.

This gave us time to explore options for grants and take advice from experts which led to the creation of WOLT. This has all taken time. The donations initially received helped us not only make a start in stripping down the loco, but have provided match funding and evidence of support without which we would have been unlikely to have the success we have had in obtaining grant and other significant support as noted elsewhere.As to be expected with an almost 100 year old locomotive that saw war service, hauled sugar cane for 40 years then spent 27 sat in a playground near the sea we have found quite a few areas that have needed a lot more work than originally anticpated, but all to ensure a safe and reliable locomotive once back in action, hence the need for your continued support.

Options for supporting the restoration

Donations do not have to be in one go, and occasional donations or regular standing orders are all carefully recorded and the reward sent out as appropriate

How you can make donations:-

Or alternatively you could buy one of these:-

These items and quite a few others are available from our display stand, which will have a few outings this year as listed below, or by contacting us. If you are having a clear out and find you have surplus railway books please consider bringing them along and donating them to the stand.

A list of Winners of raffle tickets sold from the stall can be found here

If you would like to sponsor a part or parts of the locomotive please also get in touch. My email

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